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Top Events in USA

Top Events in the USAWith the sheer size and diversity of the USA, large events are going on nearly somewhere in the country almost every week. Public holidaysThese are the holidays you can expect most government offices and banks to be closed: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. There are often celebrations for each of these holidays. In addition, there are several public holidays that are exclusive to a few states like Cesar Chavez Day and Emancipation Day. January – The Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl GameThese take place in Pasadena, California. The Rose Bowl game is one of the most important college football games. February – Mardi GrasThis is hosted in New Orleans and is a crazy, raucous party scene.  Bourbon Street and the town of New Orleans is packed full of party-goers and colorful dress. In addition, this month also brings the Superbowl, the…

Must Read: Nicholas Episode 1

The morning was cold, the leaves were wet, it wasn’t a pleasant time to run. The city was still asleep and it did not look like it would wake up anytime soon. Sweat ran down his face as he ran, his muscles ached, his heart raced but he kept on running.
Nicholas wasn’t an athlete but he ran like he was. If he was an athlete, he probably would have stopped running. No athlete needed to run this hard, no athlete needed to run at this time.
“Just get home” he said to himself. Home was an old room with rusted roofing sheets. It did not have the clean toilet, the cozy kitchen with the gas cooker and the always cold refrigerator he was used to. It was home nonetheless. And it was the place Nicholas had to get to.
As he ran he looked at his now familiar race track. It wasn’t a race track until this morning but it was familiar. It was a bush path, a narrow bush path, rarely used by people. It was one of the reasons he chose the path. The path looked especially lonely that morning but it wasn’t going to set him back, he had to get home.

A light shining in the distance caught his attention, judging by the distance it had to be coming from his house. That was strange. He lived alone. He had no friends and he definitely wasn’t expecting anybody. He reduced his pace. A lot of thoughts crowded his mind. He still had to run, but it was not right, a light?
He moved closer. There was no doubt, the light was coming his house. In the dark his house looked nice. The old structure had a beautiful silhouette. He had been thinking of putting up window curtains but he had not gotten around to it. So now he could see inside his room. There was nobody inside as far as he could see. He decided it was better to solve the puzzle of how the light got to his room than to stay out in the cold early morning.
He was now very close to his house. He slowed to a walk. Everywhere was quiet, no sound came from his room. He could hear his heart beating. He tried to calm himself, but no part of him understood what calm was anymore. His feet kept moving, but every other part of him seemed to be numb. He moved closer to his house, his eyes seemed to have snapped out of their numbness because now they darted in all directions looking for any sign of movement. As he approached his doorway, he noticed his door was open. Now everything was becoming weird. First he thought all he had to do was get home, now it looked like someone had been in his room.
He entered the room slowly and quietly, looked around, everything looked fine. The light he had seen came from a candle burning by his bed. It was good he came when he did, his house would have been burnt by morning.
He put down the candle and lay on the bed. He had lived a simple uneventful life but no one will describe his life as uneventful now. And he was sure it wasn’t going to be simple anymore either.
Then he saw it. It was getting closer. The hair on his neck stood, his palms were getting wet, what was happening to him. It was close now, but he could not move.
“Corper” he had a voice call out.
Then everything went dark.


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