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Top Events in USA

Top Events in the USAWith the sheer size and diversity of the USA, large events are going on nearly somewhere in the country almost every week. Public holidaysThese are the holidays you can expect most government offices and banks to be closed: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. There are often celebrations for each of these holidays. In addition, there are several public holidays that are exclusive to a few states like Cesar Chavez Day and Emancipation Day. January – The Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl GameThese take place in Pasadena, California. The Rose Bowl game is one of the most important college football games. February – Mardi GrasThis is hosted in New Orleans and is a crazy, raucous party scene.  Bourbon Street and the town of New Orleans is packed full of party-goers and colorful dress. In addition, this month also brings the Superbowl, the…

Video: Bias - Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring: Odunlade Adekola Mp4 & 3GP

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Singer Flavour Shows Off His 'Love' In New Photos

Flavour Nabania has stepped on the toes of his baby mamas fans and lovers after showing off a "pretty" girl on his Instagram page. The singer who has two beauty queens under his belt as baby mamas is fond of showing off pretty ladies on his page holding tightly to his scantily clad body. This time however, the caption gave the singer away and there are speculations that this could be the chosen one, even though two hearts are at stake.

Davido Shows Off His New OBO Diamond Necklace Worth $100,000

Davido is truly living his life to the fullest and his new lifestyle proves it, life has really been good to the a DMW boss and he won't hide it. Just yesterday, he posted a photo of his new Bentley with his house on Instagram and has now moved on to flaunt jaw dropping photos of his new customized OBO diamond Necklace and ring. The jewelries was customized by a very expensive jeweler, Ice Box See photos;

Download MP3: Wale - Staying Power

Staying Powerby:Waleyear: 2018

Waleis back with another record for his loyal fans. The MMG rapper remixed SZA's "The Weekend" last month, following that up a few weeks ago on "All-Star Break Up." On Folarin's latest offering "Staying Power," the D.C. native brings something to the table for those in grind mode. Download below.  Download

Good news for pensioners under CPS

The announcement was contained in a framework on the issue released by PenCom to Pension Fund Administrators and Pension Fund Custodians. The objective of the framework is to provide uniform modalities for the implementation of periodic pension enhancement for the affected category of pensioners, using the surpluses generated from the return on investment, and the Retirement Savings Account (RSA)balance as at 31 December, 2016 as the basis for the enhancement. Section 115 of the Pension Reform Act 2014 (PRA 2014) confers on PenCom, powers to make regulations, rules or guidelines as it deems necessary or expedient for giving full effect to the provisions of the Act. 

   The current enhancement, from the information gathered by the Centre for Pension Right Advocacy appears to be a token, which may not meet the yearnings and expectations of these pensioners. However, it resolves issues around Programmed Withdrawal, arising from misinformation from certain quarters. Section 7 subsectio…

Windstorm wrecks 321 houses, renders 5,000 homeless in Cross River

The first downpour of the year that lasted over four hours was reportedly accompanied by fierce wind and thunderstorm with the villages of Ipolo, Mfuma, Wanudu, Ntrigom severely affected. The Community Relations Officer for the area, Mr. Vincent Egbe, told Vanguard that many families are now sleeping in the open, while some are taking refuge with neighbours and relatives whose houses were not affected.

 His words: “The damage is widespread and affected many villages. “It is one of the most devastating storms in our area in recent times, as about 93 three houses were flattened, while 228 others were partially damaged.” He said the rainstorm brought woes to the people, who have been subjected to intense heat wave for the past four months and have been expecting relief from rainfall. 

Mr. John Inaku, Director General of the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, said he has dispatched a team to the area to assess the level of damage and how the people can be assisted until relief materia…

Unbelievable! See What Gucci Boy, Hushpuppi Reveals He Misses A Lot [You'll Be Shocked]

Unbelievable! See What Gucci Boy, Hushpuppi Reveals He Misses A Lot [You'll Be Shocked]
Gucci master, Hushpuppi has revealed the one thing he misses so much. He took to his IG page to let everyone know he greatly misses se*x and wrote:
"Dear se*x, I fuc**king miss you. Your boi, Hushpuppi."

Yoruba Actress, Damilola Adegbite Shows Off Result Of Her Hardwork; Says Her Bu*m Bu*m Tears Everything She Wears

According to the mum of one and ex-wife of actor Chris Attoh, all her clothes are about to be ruined due to her big bum.
She wrote on IG; below:
"So today I start a low carb, no bread, no fried foods, no sugar, very very small rice (Why can I feel tears burning my eyes as I type this, no chocolate and no ice cream diet for 3 weeks (for starters). My bu*m bu*m wants to tear everything I put on.

Tit For Tat..Part 3 Final Part

ADESE emptied the content of the last pot into the bin, then took the bin outside and came back in through the kitchen backdoor. She blew out a breath as she surveyed her cleaned-out kitchen. She would miss it. She would miss this house which she had known as home in the last two years. They’d bought it, Demola and her. She’d made the most contribution but still she’d considered it more his than her own—that was until she’d found the video and photos and her world had come crashing down. Again, she exhaled and started out of the kitchen into the living room. That was in the past. Now, she had a different future ahead of her. Maybe she shouldn’t have done what she did. Maybe she’d gone too far, risked too much. But they had struck at her first. They had first taken her joy and her peace and left her with only bitterness and anguish. If they hadn’t first hurt her, she wouldn’t have hurt that… that pint-sized whore. Anyway, her plans were already made and in motion. She was waiting for …

[STORY] Tit For Tat..Part 2

IT was now a month since it had been done. A month since she lost a most important part of herself. A month since she lost the parts of her anatomy she valued most. It’s been a month but Tiwa still felt like it was just yesterday. “The drugs aren’t working.” Dr Adese Ehimhen had told her after they’d tried medication treatment for two weeks. “And chemotherapy is likely to be a draining trial which will end up not working either. The cancer is already advanced and chemo treatments might succeed in shrinking it but it won’t destroy the growth. Surgery is inevitable.” That was what she’d said. How she’d said it, with her kindly eyes on her and her soft, long-fingered right hand rubbing hers in sympathy. Tiwa had cried. She had cried and cried and wouldn’t stop crying until the day of the surgery and many days after. She still cried—but not as often as before. The emotional and psychological pains were still poignant but the physical pain had dimmed marginally. Her arms still felt stif…

[STORY] EWURO*(Bitter leaf) part 3

*EWURO*(Bitter leaf) part 3 *A TRUE LIFE STORY* by TEMITOPE EMMANUEL ALADEDAHUNSI pka TEMMYTEE(aspirant Eksusu caring 2018) 

She would collect the result of her child from them and go into her hut. 
Oba ALADELAKIN wasn't happy , he wants BABATUNDE dead by all means but he knew killing the baby by himself will arose the anger And full wrath of the villager so he kept looking for means to get rid of this babe heir, but all ideas seems unaffordable. One day oba ALADELAKIN travelled out of ALUKO village to a far away village to consult an herbalist , getting there , he was told the reason and motive he brought which was to seek for the herbalist assistance in getting rid of the babe but whenever the baba ask his Oracles they will always tell him to warn oba ALADELAKIN not to ruin him entire royalty with greed, he was dumb, hopeless and choiceless than to let the little baby of not more than 5years be. 

Few years later ,Season passes by, old things faded away, new life and system taking o…